Earth, Energy and Environment Center

The new Earth, Energy and Environment Center's Slawson Hall on the right and Ritchie Hall on the left.


This fund - The Lindley Hall Expansion Fund -- supports funding of the new Earth, Energy and Environment Center. This state-of-the-art complex is attached to Lindley Hall and has transformed KU’s opportunities for impact. The multidisciplinary facility now houses faculty, staff, and students from multiple fields, including geology, nanoscience, physics, chemistry, and chemical and petroleum engineering. 

Here we:

  • Advance industry-relevant research and speed technology transfer;
  • Fully integrate geology, petroleum engineering, exploration and environmental science, field and laboratory and analytic experience and scientific research and field applications.
  • Train the next generation of innovative, ethical industry leaders;
  • Achieve a dynamic interface between the university and practitioners.

Expanded labs have enabled us to:

  • Double our capacity for stable isotope analysis;
  • Dramatically speed experimental work on dolomite diagenesis;
  • Accelerate and expand the Tertiary Oil Recovery Program's ability to partner with industry;
  • More than triple existing computing power for stratigraphy, GIS, LiDAR, reservoir characterization and analysis.

New labs include:

  • Experimental lab for remediating groundwater contaminated with organic compounds;
  • Compound specific isotope lab for determination of origin of individual particles of organic matter;
  • Raman microprobe lab for in situ characterization of kerogen;
  • Radiometric isotope geochemistry lab for geothermal energy research, tectonics, and provenance studies;
  • PVT: allows fluid/rock interaction research at high pressure and temperature and geochemical sampling;
  • 3D visualization: enables high-resolution techniques (CT, gamma, GPR) to image fluid flow through fractured media;
  • Core scanning: enables calibration of well logs to core;
  • Paleoclimate: research on human adaptations to rapid climate change;
  • Clastic sedimentology and stratigraphy research lab;
  • Rock mechanics/hydraulic fracturing or petrophysics for new faculty member; and
  • Drilling mud formulation and fluid displacement.

The Earth, Energy, and Environment Center also includes the Robert M. Beren Petroleum Center, an expansive conference center located in Slawson Hall. 

To learn more about how to support the center, contact:

Dan Simon
(785) 832-7378 


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