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Undergraduate Scholarship Application

Scholarships are awarded to undergraduate students for the academic year, based on need, merit or GPA. In order to be eligible to submit the webform scholarship application you MUST be an undergraduate student at KU and have declared a Geology major.  To do so, please contact Lisa Hamblen in 120 Lindley Hall.  Call (785) 864-3500 to  make an appointment with her for advising and Geology major declaration.

Scholarships should be submitted by early March to be awarded in May for the academic year.

If you have any questions, please contact Yolanda Balderas in 217 B Lindley Hall (yolanda@ku.edu).

Check all that apply
If you selected "other major", please list your major
You must have been advised recently by a KU-Geology faculty member in order to be considered for a scholarhip. Geology majors MUST be advised every semester before enrollment. When were you most recently advised by a Dept. of Geology faculty member about coursework?
Who advised you?
What is your overall KU GPA?
How many hours have you completed at KU?
How many hours of geology have you completed?
When are you planning to graduate (please give semester and year)?
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