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Geology Undergraduate Program

Geology Core Knowledge and Skills: Majors must complete the following core courses:

Course Hours
GEOL 101 The Way the Earth Works 3
GEOL 103 Geology Fundamentals Laboratory 2
GEOL 311 Mineralogy and Structure of the Earth 3
GEOL 331 Sedimentology and Surface Processes 4
GEOL 351 Environmental Geology 3
GEOL 360 Field Investigation 2
GEOL 521 Paleontology 3
GEOL 532 Stratigraphy 4
GEOL 541 Geomorphology 4
GEOL 552 Introduction to Hydrogeology 3
GEOL 560 Introductory Field Geology 3
GEOL 562 Structural Geology 4
GEOL 572 Geophysics 3

Geology Required Electives. Majors must complete additional courses to total at least 9 hours numbered 500 or above. The following are recommended: GEOL 391, GEOL 535, GEOL 715, GEOL 751, CE 770 and CE 771, GEOG 535, GEOG 558, GEOL 753, BIOL 400 or C&PE 517.

Environmental Hydrogeology Track

Besides the general program above, a specialized track in hydrogeology satisfies degree requirements. In addition to College, supporting science, and geology courses, the environmental hydrogeology track requires the following mathematics and civil engineering/physics courses:

  • MATH 220 Applied Differential Equations (3).
  • MATH 290 Elementary Linear Algebra (2).
  • CE 330 Fluid Mechanics (4) or PHSX 623 Physics of Fluids (3).

In addition, Technical Electives (9 hours). These normally are chosen from courses numbered 500 or above in geology, physics, mathematics, chemistry, engineering or computer science. Courses numbered below 500 must be approved by a geology advisor.

More information is available in the KU Catalog (scroll down).

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