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Geology Undergraduate Program

Geology Core Knowledge and Skills: Majors must complete the following core courses:

Course Hours
GEOL 101 The Way the Earth Works 3
GEOL 103 Geology Fundamentals Laboratory 2
GEOL 311 Mineralogy and Structure of the Earth 3
GEOL 331 Sedimentology and Surface Processes 4
GEOL 360 Field Investigation 2
GEOL 521 Paleontology 3
GEOL 523 Paleontology Laboratory 1
GEOL 532 Stratigraphy 4
GEOL 552 Introduction to Hydrogeology 3
GEOL 560 Introductory Field Geology 3
GEOL 562 Structural Geology 4

Space Science Core Knowledge and Skills: Majors must complete the following core courses:

Course Hours
ATMO 105 Introductory to Meterology 5
ASTR 191 Contemporary Astronomy 3
ASTR 196 Introductory Astronomy Laboratory 1

Earth and Space Required Electives. Majors must complete one of the areas below:

  • Geology Focus. Satisfied by 4 hours in a geology course numbered 300 or above.
  • Astronomy Focus. Satisfied by 4 hours in astronomy courses numbered 300 or above. This can include 3 hours of ASTR 390 or GEOL 399, GEOL 105, GEOL 304, or GEOL 121 also can count if taken before the completion of 60 hours.

Research Methods. Satisfied by CHEM 598.

Professional Development Course Work. A minimum grade of C is required in all courses.

  • Liberal Arts and Sciences. Satisfied by LA&S 290 and LA&S 291
  • Curriculum and Teaching (19 hours). Satisfied by C&T 448 Reading and Writing across the Curriculum and 16 hours of courses approved by UKanTeach in curriculum and teaching. These should include courses such as Classroom Interactions (3), Knowing and Learning (3), Project Based Instruction (3), Student Teaching (6), and Special Topics Seminar (1).

More information is available in the KU Catalog (scroll down).


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